20 Funniest Pictures Of Indians That Cracked Us Up

Living in today’s fast-moving world, we don’t get enough time to chill and laugh. Taking some time out o our busy schedule, we often scroll through our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed to relax our minds. However, these days all of these have become so boring.

But no worries, in order to make a smile amidst your boring 9-to-7  schedule of office, we bring you some of the funniest images on the Internet that are too good to be missed.

Well, don’t thank us, thank the amazing people who clicked these pictures and filled the internet with humor.

Here, check out some of the funniest images that went viral on the internet:

1. The girl completely ruined the family picture in the cutest way :

2. This guy is way too curious:

3. Smart man:

4. So, now you know how they make our Diwali sweets:

5. Jugaad at its best:

6. Oooops:

7. Ahemmm….Indian aunty being naughty on road:

8. Tell me, who is the king?:

9. Size doesn’t matter:

10. What a great offer:


11. Too much information guys:

12. Swag dekh rahe ho?:

13. Dulhe ka sehra suhaana lgta hai:

14. Facebook and Whatsapp sarees:

15. Because you won’t understand Dilli ki garmi :

16. Mangoes and grapes are same for Indians:

17. Duniyaa jaye bhaadh mei, pehle Selfie lelete hai:

18. Who did it better?:

19. Multi-tasking at its best:

20. Thus, Auto:


Written by Unnati Madan

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