15 Normal People Who Look So Much Like These Popular Celebrities

They say there are seven people in this world with a similar face. Well, wondering how true is that. But if you notice, there will be a friend in every group who has a lot of similarities with a celebrity, a personality, or a historian figure.

Sometimes, the similarity between them is so uncanny that it is difficult to differentiate. Here, in this article, we bring you some jaw-dropping pictures of the lookalikes of popular Bollywood and Hollywood stars. Have a look:

1. Donning the same mustache and hairstyle, this Indian guy looks exactly like Ron Swanson:

2. This guy looks so much like Salman Khan, that he even got a role in his movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ to portray a younger Salman Khan. 

3. This guy not just looks like Dr. Manmohan Singh but also dresses like him:

4. Okay, this one is hilarious. Our Indian Johnny Depp:

5. Only Kareena will be able to tell the difference between the two:

6. Ailaa! Baaapu:

7. Nothing much here, just Elbert Einstein crossing the road:

8. This guy looks like Virender Sehwag’s twin brother:

9. Lol:

10. Which one is Yuvraj Singh:

11. The guy is known as “Junior Rajnikanth” and is a small-time actor:

12. No points for guessing here:

13. Indian lookalike of Barack Obama:

14. Who is the real Dhanush among these two?:

15. Tyrion Lannister traveling via Indian Railways:

Another lookalike:


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