18 Road Signs From India That Are So Funny And Witty To Be Missed

Traveling by road across India can be so much fun and memorable. From people doing crazy things to spotting some funny road signs or posters one get to see so many crazy and hilarious things, that never fails to give us some good hearty laugh.

Road signs are there to convey some meaning and guide us on our way, however, if we keep a good eye on the road, we will see many road signs that are downright hilarious, witty and many of them make no sense as well. These signs are so funny that they actually distract the drivers and leave them in splits.

Here, we bring you some hilarious road signs that will make you laugh out loud, have a look:

1. When one is suddenly warned to land up in a hospital:

2. Hahah:

3. A warning plus an advertisement for blood bank:

4. Right:

5. An apt message:

6. Roads can be romantic too, be gentle on them:

7. Why can’t you?:

8. Lol:

9. Wish Salman Khan knew this as well:

10. Very true:

11. More like a puzzle than a road sign:

12. This one is too witty:

13. Wear helmet guys:

14. Scary but true:

15. This one is for all the rum lovers:

16. True that:

17. Sush girls:

18. Too romantic:

What do you think?

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