17 Awesome Pictures That Proves We Indians Truly Believe In Teamwork

There’s no denying the fact that teamwork makes work easier. We all are already aware of the importance of teamwork in our lives. Be it any place, in our everyday lives, teamwork plays an important role. Teamwork not just saves our time but also helps us to accelerate our work, motivate us to do better every time and grow as an individual as well.

And when it comes to Indians we believe in the saying ‘ek aur ek gyaara’. From helping each other on roads, to struggling to get a seat in a train, we Indians truly believe in teamwork. All thanks to ‘teamwork’, here we bring you some awesome pictures that prove we were born to rule the world together, have a look:

1. A common sight on roads:

2. Practicing since the early 1990s:

3. Till now, we have been doing it efficiently:

4. Group studies be like:

5. A classic example of men will be men:

6. This is how we used to do our group projects, remember?:

7. The same rule applies at workplace as well:

8. Meet the future CEOs of India:

9. “Saathi haath bataana”

10. Even our policemen have been doing it for years:

11. Why don’t they use the stands?:

12. This is what true friendship is all about:

13. Comfort comes first:

14. This is stupid but hilarious:

15. This happens only in India:

16. Getting a seat in trains is a real struggle:

17. They could have just use the ‘zoom’ feature:


Written by Unnati Madan

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