20 Most Funny Pictures Taken At Airports Around The World

If hospitals top the list of the places that have witnessed the happiest and saddest moments, airports come second on that list. The airport has been the reason behind many happy and sad faces. Traveling is one of the things that everyone loves and while traveling we witness a lot of crazy and hilarious things that we remember them throughout our lives.

The airport is also one of the places where we catch people doing the craziest, yet hilarious things. Here, in this article, we bring you some of the hilarious images that were clicked on the airport. These images will make your day.

Have a look at the funny airport pictures below.:

1. Pillow Talk:

2. Thanks for informing:

3. Enjoying the nap and how:

4. Strict Goodbye Policy:


5. Extra Carry-On:

6. Aww:

7. umm…okay:

8. Someone had a great day:

9. Lol:

10. Taking Rules Too Literally

11. Because wearing clothes is too old:

12. Because sleep > anything:

13. A Couple of Weary Travelers:

14. Poor woman:

15. The Nun:

16. Perfect landing:

17. Hahaha:

18. Security On Top Of Things:

19. Lol:

20. Who needs an extra ticket when you can just stow away in the suitcase?:

Written by Unnati Madan

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