Twitterati Hailed A Brave Woman Who Ran Through Fire To Save A Koala Bear

The bush fires in Australia is a matter of grave concern. The fire has already burned more than 2.5 million acres of Australia’s east coast. The catastrophic has not just created havoc in Australia but has also affected the wildlife severely in the area.

Our heart goes out to all the wildlife who have lost their lives. Among various other species, Koala bears, who were threatened were also severely affected. While the bush fire continues to spread in the area, a brave woman has emerged out as a messiah for saving the life of a Koala bear.

The brave woman is Toni Doherty. She helped a Koala escape the devastating fire by taking off her own shirt and without caring for her own life. She wrapped the koala in her shirt and then poured a bottle of water over it.  Talking about the incident, Tony said:

“He just went straight into the flames, and I just jumped out of the car and went straight to him. “

The Koala Hospital Port Macquarie who took care of the Koala also talked about the incident. They revealed:

This male koala who was so disorientated by the flames and unfortunately was burnt further as he headed back into active fire. He has been called Ellenborough Lewis (after her grandchild). He has been treated and is now in the five-star accommodation at the Koala Hospital. “

The video of the same has been going viral on social media leaving people in absolute astonishment. Netizens are calling the woman as an “angel” and a “hero”.

Watch the video:


Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:


Written by Unnati Madan

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