25 Most Randomly Hilarious Pictures From ‘Indian Instagram’

The internet is filled with creative minds, who never fail to entertain us with their witty and creative skills. From hilarious memes to photoshopped images, there are many things on the internet that catch our attention and make our mood fresh. While, one small thing can make our whole day beautiful, similarly, one bad thing can ruin our day as well.

Recently, while scrolling down our Instagram feed, we came across an Instagram account with the username ‘just_here_to_ruin_your_day’ and they do exactly what their name says-ruins our day but hilariously. The images that they post on their Instagram feed are so hilariously edited that it leaves everyone in splits.

While some might find it unnerving, some can find it downright hilarious. Here, we bring you 25 of the most hilarious images that we found on their Instagram account, have a look:

1. This one is for all the Mirzapur fans:

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2. When she says “drive me crazy” :

3. Woah:

4. “Babu Rao Trump Apte” :

5. Creepy:

6. Mona Lal Gada:

7. Hahah:

8. Ahemm:

9. “Aye rakh re”:

10. Oh myy mata:

11. Daya jaisa koi hard-ich nhi hai:

12. Mehandi Man:

13. Best one:

14. La La Land

15. Taare Table Par? :

16. “Main M* Hu Jo Isme Aaaya”

17. LMAO :

18. Munna > Jack

19. This explains everything:

20. When Bajrangi Bhaijaan met Sakina:

21. Lol:

22. This ship had to sink:

23. And Kajol lived happily ever after:

24. Beautiful isn’t she?

25. Epic one! :


Written by Unnati Madan

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