Twitter Gets Flooded With Hilarious Memes After Ranu Mondal “Don’t Touch Me” Video Gets Viral

Ranu Mondal became an overnight star when a video of her singing “ek pyaar ka nagma hai” at Ranaghat railway station of Kolkata went viral on the internet. She gained a huge fan following with people appreciating her singing skills.

The video went so viral, that Bollywood’s music director Himesh Reshammiya signed her for three songs with him.

Ever since she was ‘discovered’ on the internet, she has become one of the most talked-about persons as of now. From going on reality shows to recording back to back songs, Ranu Mondal is everywhere, from televisions to the internet.

She has been in the news for one reason or another. And if rumors are to be believed than a biopic on her life is in works and also there are reports that Bollywood’s superstar Salman Khan will be gifting her a house.

But has that overnight stardom gotten to her head? Well, people on the internet think so, after a recent video of her went viral on social media where she can be seen snubbing a fan who was trying to take a selfie with her.

Well, a fan apparently tapped Ranu Mondal’s shoulder requesting her to take a selfie with her. But the fan’s way of approaching her bothered Ranu Mondal. In the video, Ranu can be seen tapping the woman back on her shoulder asking “kya hai ye?” (What is this?).

Here, check out the video:

As soon as the video caught eyes, it went viral on the internet like the fire in a jungle. Netizens just can’t stop trolling her and lashing out on her. However, the video also invited a series of hilarious memes on the internet, which will make you laugh out loud.

Here, have a look at the hilarious reactions of twitterati:

Written by Unnati Madan

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