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16 Pictures Of Indian Truck Drivers That Will Make You Go ROFL

India is famous for its food, culture and a lot of other things, but no one can beat the truck drivers of India. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the following pictures and you will know why this statement is true to the core.


Look at that burden on that truck. That substantial burden can overturn any vehicle on any day but the Indian truck drivers ensure that they carry these every single day on their trucks for a significant amount of time and reach their destination with a considerable amount of ease.


It is not every day that you see these pictures on every other highway in the world. Yet, you can witness the Indian trucks bearing such huge loads without much hassle.


From sugarcane sacks to rice packs, you can see everything stacked on a truck in India and that too in such a huge amount as shown in the above picture.


There must be a motorcycle rider somewhere inside that truck.


Dry hay in that amount can be seriously dangerous to carry anywhere in the world, but not for the Indian truck drivers.


They literally can carry anything on them, as I said, anything.


Another picture of how risky things can be for an Indian truck driver and how patiently they get them done.


They say Superwoman is from America. They say wrong.


Is that anything less than doing a stunt in a big budget Bollywood movie?


Another picture that is proof enough for the hectic life that a truck driver has to go through every single day while plying long distances.


So much risk, that too on the Indian terrain.


Only an Indian truck driver can think of driving on such roads, that too with so much risk.


Yes, this is how they get to the other side of a water body.


They can ply on the railway tracks too. Anything is possible!


And they are afraid of nothing, literally.


However, it might not work out well every time.

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