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16 Intersting Facts About South Korea That Only A Few Know

South Korea is one of the leading countries of the globe. Many people from around the globe are awed by their presence and charmed by their lifestyle. That happens because South Korea stands themselves out from all. Below are some fun facts about South Korea and their custom which are known by only a few:

1. Korean women sit with blankets on their knees

South Korean women alway sit with blankets on their knees in order to cover their private parts and attract male gaze.

2. Women cover their mouths when laughing

Korean women are directed to not laugh in the public as doing so will possibly mean that they are less feminine.

3. Importance of V and S lines in the body

V line denotes a perfect chin and the S shape indicates the ideal shape of woman’s body.

4. An alcohol test is a must for drivers

On Fridays and Saturdays, it is mandatory for all drivers except the taxi drivers to pull down their mirror and pass an alcohol test.

5. Hospitals have really good food

The super-speciality hospitals of South Korea surprisingly provide exceptionally good food to their patients.

6. The academic session is all weird

The academic session starts there in March, and they fight to get a seat in the lectures.

7. K-pop idols are sold instead of barbie dolls

This is the craze of K-pop in South Korea. Children play with the models of BTS singers.

8. Thrifty tourists can stay in a sauna

Sauna, the public baths, also known as the Jjimjilbang have great deal of fans in the country. Surprisingly, a sauna can accomodate upto 30 tourists at one go.

9. No talking to the opposite gender if you’re in a relationship

South Korean people are very loyal to each other. This is perhaps why once two people get into a relationship, then they are not allowed to talk to an opposite gender.

10. 11th November is celebrated as lover’s day

Also known as Pepero day, 11th November is celebrated as the day of love by the South Korean mass.

11. Korean men won’t date a girl who is heavier than him

In South Korea, men do not date a girl who is heavier or taller than them. The rule is quite strict there, no matter how much ever the potential guy has.

12. Korean keep their hands warm

Korean people believe in keeping their hands warm, despite having heaters in almost all the rooms of every apartment.

13. Koreans have parent patrol in schools

South Korean people have a parent patrolling culture in schools. Every now and then, 2 alternate parents visit the school in order to inspect the education policy there.

14. Korean parents always follow their children

South Korean parents are meant to follow their children everywhere they go. The ones who do so are termed as ideal and caring parents.

15. They do not need complete silence or dark to sleep

Korean babies are made to sleep without silence or dark from the very beginning. The parents do so in order to let their child develop their nervous system the best.

16. You don’t have to stay inside when it rains

Rain starts there in July-August. Even if it is flooded, people still drive cars and still walk, even though the water level reaches their knee with an umbrella.

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