This Girl Has The Most Beautiful Handwriting In The World. It’s Even Better Than MS Word.


Prakriti Malla has the most beautiful handwriting in the world: “Improve your handwriting.” “Your handwriting is the worst in the world.” “A student is judged by his handwriting.” These statements have been a part of our lives. By our we mean those who don’t have a good handwriting.


A good handwriting gives a pleasant experience to the reader. We all know what goes through our mind when we read the handwriting of a doctor.

But, there is one girl in Nepal whose writing is better than MS Word’s printing. Her name is Prakriti Malla and she has the  most beautiful handwriting in the world. These days, thanks to social media, news travels from one country to another veer quickly.

Prakriti Malla is a class 8 student and she is now world famous because of her hand writing. A few months ago, someone from Nepal posted a picture of her handwriting on social media and, in no time, the whole world was talking about her.

Prakriti Malla’s handwriting seems like a font straight from the computer. The space between the letters is uniform. Furthermore, she has introduced a new level of calligraphy. Even experts say that her writing is very close to being perfect and this is the reason why her handwriting was selected as the best handwriting in Nepal.

It is amazing how social media can make a person world famous in a matter of hours. Had the story not gone viral on Facebook, we would have never known about Prakriti Malla and her beautiful handwriting. A girl from Nepal who was born with this talent is now a social media star.

The student of the Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya, Prakriti Malla received awards from the Nepali Armed Forces for her remarkable handwriting.  Now she is popular in the entire world and people are pleased to read her writing.  We hope the doctors would get inspired from her handwriting.