Someone rightly said, ‘Leadership isn’t about the title or position, it is about the action and example”. The Prime Minister of Dutch, Mark Rutte has lived to this quality of leadership. Mark Rutte is one of the very popular and respected leaders of the world and is known for his humility.

Recently, he has been making a lot of news because of the viral video of him. The video is about the recent incident when the Prime Minister accidentally spilled the coffee. However, what caught everyone’s attention was what he did after that.


PM Mark Rutte, didn’t wait for the cleaning staff after he spill the coffee, he himself started cleaning the floor using a mob.

Yes, you read that right. He himself started cleaning the floor and as soon as the cleaning staff saw him cleaning the floor, they started applauding for the gesture of PM. His actions have gained him respect and appreciation from people around the world.

While a few people were mocking him for his act, many people are considering him as an inspiration. Many people were also comparing the mentality of Indian politicians to him. His actions have given a glimpse of the mentality that other political leaders project.

Here, have a look at the viral video here:

Have a look at some of the reactions from the twitterati :

What a great example Mark Rutte has given to the leaders around the world.

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