Vladimir Putin, needs no introduction. He is one of the most powerful men in the world right now. He is the President of one of the largest and powerful nations in the world, Russia.

According to the government of Russia, he makes $9 million a year but according to some sources he has a net worth of $200 Billions which is the combined net worth of 2 richest men in the world right now, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.


Although, it’s not official but it’s not difficult to believe. He has played smart in this term. Vladimir Putin has been accused of many illegal activities he has been doing while in office, from his stakes in multi-billion dollar companies to being involved in business that he has nothing do with.

Although, the Russian government has kept everything very private but we still managed to get some facts through which it’s clearly visible that Vladimir Putin loves living in luxury. Have a look at a few luxurious and expensive items owned by Putin:

  1. Expensive suits:

According to some reports, Putin spends around $5000 on each suit that he wears. He has a thing for Italian suits, especially on a brand called Brioni. The brand is famous for dressing the elite and powerful for over 100 years. The brand description itself suggests that “the brand still bespeaks money, power and success having won a passionate following among CEOs, movie stars, and assorted world leaders”

2. A watch collection:

Sitting in the most powerful throne in the world, he loves to remain classy every time he is seen in public.According to some sources, Putin has a collection worth $687,000, while other analysts says that it’s worth $1million.

3. A Billion Dollar Art Collection:

Well, this might shock you a bit. So, hold onto your seats. According to some rumors, an elderly couple donated their art collection to Putin. The art collection is hidden somewhere in downtown Moscow in an apartment building. You might be wondering why hidden? Why the safety? Well, the art collection is worth around $2 billion.

4. A hug car collection:

A collection of 700 cars. Yes! you read that right. He has every car in his collection from high profile cars like Bentleys, Ferraris, Mercedes, Lamborghinis to many more. His official Mercedes which is used for official transport of the President is armored and costs about $250’000.

5. Palaces, Mansions and Others:

According to sources, he owns around 20 residences or maybe he only access 20 out of the total residences he owns. Anyways, these 20 residences are not flats or houses but proper luxurious villas, palaces and mansions. Out of all the residences, Villa Segren is the most attractive one. It’s heavily guarded and this is the reason that no ones knows what it actually looks like from inside. It is situated close to the finish border and boasts 50 acres of land.

6. Planes and Jets:

Not just one or two, Putin has 58 planes. All of them together is worth $1 Billions.

7. Stock Portfolio:

You must be wondering that how on a salary of $9millions per year, he can live a life like this? Well, it’s all because of his stock portfolio. He owns some awesome stock portfolios worth billions. For example, if rumors are to be believed than Putin owns 37% of the oil company called Surgutneftegaz, which has a market cap of $20 billion in 2018 alone.

World’s powerful man for a reason. Ladies and Gentlemen, he is Vladimir Putin for you.

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