6 Chilling Mass Suicides In The Recent History That Will Shake You Inside Out


If we take a look at History, it’s quite evident that maximum of mass suicides have only happen either because of religion or cult ideology or simply to avoid captures by enemies.

Here, we bring you a list of the most chilling mass suicides in recent History:


1. Saipan, Japan:

In June of 1944, the Japanese, before they could seize control of Saipan fought a month-long battle against the Americans. If history is to be believed, the Emperor of Japan gave orders for all Japanese to kill themselves rather than surrendering themselves to Australians. Although, the Americans offered a safe passage and offered food but still thousands of Japanese committed suicide by flinging themselves off a cliff.

2. Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, Jonestown, Guyana:

The Peoples Temple operated to help the needy but in reality it was a cult where people were being held against their will. Congressman Leo Ryan visited this place but he was assassinated there. The leader of this cult Jim Jones, then spread a massive panic by telling all the people living in the compound of Jonestown that they all are about to be captured and tortured. He then instructed them to commit the ‘revolutionary act of suicide’, which caused this massive suicide.

3. Rancho Santa Fe, California USA:

The members of Heaven’s Gate Cult believed that an alien spaceship tailing behind the Hale-Bopp Comet was on its way to earth So they decided to kill themselves because they thought that by committing suicide they will reserve a spot on the spacecraft and will ascend to a higher and better place of existence. On March 26, 1997, 39 members of this cult were found dead in a California mansion. They all drank a lethal mixture of Phenobarbital and Vodka, put $5.75 in their pockets and dressed similarly before they finally laid down to die.

4. Denpasar, Bali:

During a military intervention, in 1906, the Dutch soldiers went forward to the royal palace to hear the beating of the drums and they also witnessed smoke rising What greeted them was a procession of the subjects led by the king. Then after a silent signal, they all  halted and after that a priest proceeded to spear his dagger into the king. Then the rest of the people followed the suit and starting killing each other and themselves. This massacre led to the massive suicide of over 1,000 people.

5. Demmin, Germany:

In the German town of Demmin more than 1000 people took their lives to avoid rape,  execution and capture by the Soviet Red Army, in may 1945 that was marching on Berlin as Hitler’s Third Reich collapsed. In a short span of 72 hours, families first killed their children and then themselves. While some people chose to shoot themselves, ingest poison, or slit their wrists or throats. while some hung or drowned themselves in the Peene River.

6. Uganda, East Africa:

In 1980’s ,the religious movement MRTC (Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God) was formed by three men who believed that they had visions from the Virgin Mary and they are here to preach the word. Believing that,17th of March, 2000, was the new date  when people believed that this world would end.More than 500 members arrived at their church to feast, sing and pray. Soon, the building exploded and everyone inside perished.

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