20 Hilarious Pictures Of People Posing With Random Statues


Remember the time, how we used to stand pose in front of a very popular building or statue, well we still do it but poses have changed over these years. While we try to look as attractive as we can, and try to capture amazing pictures, some people are little more creative and imaginative.

You’ll be amazed to see the creativity level of these people. Have a look:


1. Who’s winning?

2. Lost in her eyes:

3. Amazing! Spiderman?:

4. Tugging a little girl for a balancing act! :

5.This one is too cute! :

6. Oh my God! 😀 :

7. Because who likes hairy statues?:

8. Romantic Drive:

9. Distraction:

10. Koi Haseena JAb Ruth Jaati Hai Toh …. 😛 :

11. Lol :

12. Selfie Maine Leli Aaj 😀 :

13. Ouch! :

14. Ohh :

15. Look There:

16. Naughty Statue! :

17. This will all be yours if you get off me!:

18.Scary :

19. What Are You Doing Cowboy? :

20. Make Sure No One Is Looking: