Shah Rukh Khan is known for being a gentleman not only in his movies but in real life too. Everyone loves the King Khan in the industry. The King of Romance always treats women in a dignified manner and this incidence was no different.


The actor has publicly said that he considers women to be superior. In a recent concert arranged by Farhan Akhter for the organization MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination), he said that he has always thought that women are extremely superior to men and he even admitted being scared of them.

He went on to say that being afraid of our daughter, sister, mother, wife and girlfriend is nothing to be embarrassed for. In a similar incident, he again showed compassion for Padmavati star Deepika Padukone.  He was interacting with the actress on chat show ‘Baatein with Baadshah’ and in one segment of the show he played a game with her.

He started to read out some letter written to the actress and she had to guess who has dedicated it to her. Deepika got emotional when Shah Rukh read out a letter that was written by her mother. By the time he finished the letter, he found the actress crying.

The King Khan went up to her and wiped off her tears and started consoling her. She was thankful to him for such a generous behavior. The audience loved Shah Rukh’s kind gesture. It shows us why he is the most loved man in Bollywood.

Here is the video:

Deepika's breakdown after hearing her mother's letter #deepikapadukone #shahrukhkhan

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