Have you ever felt left-out in a debate about sex because you don’t understand the slangs? Well, no more because in this post we have listed 12 ‘naughty’ slangs that you all should know.

Ha! It’s not like you can’t survive without knowing these slangs but more “knowledge” is always better. And, now you all will agree.



The feeling of an orgasm is also called gazed. It is used when you see some really hot and you feel ‘gazzed out’.


We are hoping that many of you would know the meaning of ‘grinding’. It is a dance move in which one partner suggestively moves their behind against the other person’s groin.


You all know it but now you can use it, too. 😉

Fap is the sound of a man masturbating and is often used as a synonym for masturbation.


A sex session is also known as buggering. Please don’t ask why because we also don’t know it. It has been a part of our ‘slang’ dictionary since a long time but we have no idea about its origin.


Funch is a quickie during a lunch time. Yes! Our guess- F stands for fast and ‘UNCH’ is used for lunch. So a fast round during lunch time is called Funch.


When you are waiting for adult movie to buffer while masturbating.


When you running late because of an unexpected sex-session.

Hotline Bling

Synonym for booty call. When someone calls you just to have sex.


When you haven’t shaved your pubic hair in a long time.

Double Bag

Double bagging is when you wear two condoms together just for the extra protection.

Raw Dog

The opposite of double bagging is raw dog when you don’t use any protection at all!