It is known to all that in order to travel to any other country of the world, having a passport is mandatory. Counting the number of passports holding people all over the world is an absurd effort. A German passport permits the travellers to travel in about 177 countries and people possessing these are very proud of that. But have you heard about the rarest passport of the world which is possessed by only about 100 people? It is issued by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta who is very famous all over the world for the social works provided by them.

                  Source: Independent

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a Catholic institution whose motto is to defend the Catholic faith and assisting the poor. At present, it is active in about 120 countries all over the world providing humanitarian and social efforts to those who need medical attention. Besides, their policy of caring of these needy people also. The members of this order devote almost their entire time for looking after the well-being of those who are in need.

This order is the main centre of the rarest passport of the world and only 500 of them is available at present. This makes it the most exclusive and rarest passport of the world and it can be used only during some strict duration given by the order. Only senior officials can hold this passport and it is issued only for the time of a particular assignment. Its validity ends after the assignment is over. Thus, the time span of a passport is only four years. One needs to be really good an efficient to possess this passport. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta maintain a relation of diplomacy with about 106 countries of the world and all these sates acknowledge this passport as a valid form of identification. These are issued only during some special orders.

At present, this order comprises of about 13,500 knights, dames and chaplains. The number of volunteers is 80,000 and that of the employees is 25000. This indicates that there is a tough and strictly maintained hierarchy in the order and people have to work really very had to achieve the top positions. Getting this passport is also not an easy task as among all these people, only 500 gets to hold this passport.

Thus, that world’s rarest passport indeed has a very grand and glorified story! This changes the entire notion about a passport and adds more to our knowledge. Such a wonderful initiative the Order is engaging itself into. These should be more of this welfare effort in other parts of thw world as well.