Conspiracy theories are intriguing and fascinating, isn’t it? They take an entirely different route to things from what we know about them. There’s a plethora of conspiracy theories around the world across decades but of course they are beyond the ambit of proofs.

So, we have often read about conspiracy theories from around the world like the 9/11 but have you ever heard about conspiracy theories from India? Oh yes! India has its own tally of conspiracy theories and we’ll give you a sneak peak to them today. Here are the famous Indian conspiracy theories!



  1. Are we still a British Colony?

There’s a conspiracy theory about how the Queen of England can visit any country without a visa. That’s not all, she can also inflict influence over the Commonwealth Nations as to how they must be governed. These flames caught fire when in 1997 Queen Elizabeth 2 paid us a visit even without a visa. Are we still a secret British colony? Damn!

  1. Bhagat Singh’s Martyrdom

Bhagat Singh is hailed as a hero and he’s an inspiration youngsters look upto. As we know Bhagat Singh was executed along with Rajguru and Sukhdev! But there’s a conspiracy theory to this too! The conspiracy theory says that Gandhi Ji could have very well saved the three of them and could have averted their execution but he did not. Gandhi Ji let Bhagat Singh die because he did not follow the Gandhian ideology of Non Violence. Well, if this is true this is rather a blunder of Gandhi’s part!

  1. India has a converted UFO base? (now this is exciting!)

The Kongka La pass in the Ladakh region in the vicinity of the India China border is a place where no one is allowed to go. Despite tourist permits people are not allowed to even be in any close vicinity of this area.

There have been so many incidents where people have reported seeing a UFO here but Indian Army has blatantly denied it every time. Oh wait! Is Koi Mil Gya a real story? (ok bad joke!)

  1. Secret society of Ashoka

Ashoka was an emperor no less than a harbinger of humanity. He’s one of the most highly sung emperors to have ever existed in the history of India. There’s a conspiracy theory about him too!

It is believed that Ashoka designated a secret society of 9 unknown men who guard books which are highly vital for the very existence of human race.

These books contain details about warfare, sociology, communication and other details so much so that if put in wrong hands it can wipe off mankind from the planet.

Now we know from where did the idea of setting up R&AW came from! Covert operations are a thing from the history we now suppose.


  1. The first ever air plane was crafted by an Indian!

How we know the world is that the Wright brothers invented the revolutionary air plane in 1903. But as per a conspiracy theory Shivkar Babuji Talpade, our very own Indian invented the first ever plane and made the first flight before it crashed in 1895.


It’s also said that as soon as the British came to know about this technology they immediately imposed sanctions on Maharaja of Baroda to stop funding of the air plane model. (jealous much? eeh)


Sadly, there are no records to prove that the plane could actually fly.



  1. Latvian aircraft arms drop of 1995

One of the conspiracy theories goes like this. In 1995 a Latvian aircraft dropped packages containing hundreds of AK 47s and firing rounds in Purulia, West Bengal.


Supposedly this was a conspiracy by the R&AW to overthrow the communist government prevailing in the state of West Bengal. But that’s not what’s on record! As per the CBI document library this package was meant for the Bangladesh Army to facilitate their attempts of a coup.


  1. The infamous 2012 black out

This one’s the newest in the Indian chronology. The Northern Grid is responsible for providing electricity to more than 60% of the north India. On 30th July, 2012 the power grid broke down and left more than 62 crore Indians in shambles. The blackout lasted for three days and among the reasons cited for the failure were poor infrastructure and maintenance problems.

However, if a conspiracy theory about this is to be believed then it wasn’t a problem of maintenance but plot to thin out the Jan Lokpal Bill activists which threatened to go national. It’s said that the UPA conspired this blackout to prevent the voices for Lokpal from gaining voices. Typical of the Indira Gandhi emergency times, isn’t it?


  1. Nuclear warfare of ancient India

Whaaat? Nuclear arsons in ancient India? Woah! The theory gained much surface when radioactive ashes were recovered from Jodhpur, Rajasthan in 2010. Just a few days later an ancient city was discovered.


Scientifically speaking radioactive ashes could also be a result of nuclear fission and it’s not something very unique. But the verses of Mahabharata clearly talk of war at this very location and this substantiates the conspiracy theory.

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