Twitter is, arguably, the most interesting place on the internet. Many people who use Twitter regularly say that it becomes a part of life and you don’t realise it. It is one of the most addictive online platforms in the world, and the only reason behind it — is the kind of characters you come across there.

For those you don’t use Twitter or give after a couple of try, say that it is a place where you can send messages to your favourite stars and get quick news and analysis on everything trends in the world.

But,it’s not just about that. Over the years, we have seen people some good things mainly because of their popularity on Twitter. From models to journalists, almost every profession that involves public dealing has benefited from Twitter. But, here is one more category and that is- TROLLS. (NOTE: All trolls are not bad)

There are many Twitter accounts in India and across the world which give a funny opinion on every trending topic. And when there is no trending news, they create humour. So, in this post, we have embedded some tweets that will make you laugh. And when we say “make you laugh” it is not a clickbait headline. Check out the tweets here: