It is hard to deny the fact that people lie on social media. People post edited and photoshopped pictures to Instagram and Facebook, just to impress their friends and followers.

Most of the times people get away but when caught, they have to face huge embarrassment. We, at, keep looking for stories that can entertain our viewers and make them laugh.


Today, we came across a post published by BrightSide that has some funny pictures in which people lied on social media and got exposed.

Check out the list:


1) Wait. Turn around, there is a glass just behind your back. And it doesn’t lie. 

2. Nicely done but janta sab janti hai. 

3) Who took this picture? You? seriously? Liar. 

4) Don’t forget to check the dates, mate. 

5) Posting through library computer “via mobile”. 

6) Reflection. It never lies. 

7) Such white lies. 

8) LOL. This made us laugh. 

9) Even hips don’t lie like this. 

10) Nice abs but where is your belly button? Where the F is it?

Images source: BrightSide