Watch: The Beautiful Mystery Girl Revealing Her True Identity, She Is Not Nivya Navora


The Asian Cup 2018 came to an end last night with Indian cricket team lifting the trophy for the seventh time after a thrilling battle with Bangladesh, who ended up loosing with 3 wickets.

There were several thrilling and candid moments that happened during the Asian Cup, the complete series was a delight and entertainment package and not just because of the game on the field but because of many beautiful and adorable faces on the stands as well.

One of them who got super viral was a mystery girl who was present in all the Pakistan’s and Bangladesh’s matches She stole people’s hearts with her beautiful looks. The girl was all over the internet and people were going crazy with her looks. From memes on her to calling her the lucky charm for India’s cricket team.

As the pictures of her looks got viral, a few portal speculated that the name of the girl is Nivya Navora, while the others went on to write about her work and profession as well.

However, none of them is true. The girl has come ahead in an interview and has revealed her true identity. She laughed when she got to know that people are identifying her as Nivya Navora

The real name of the mystery girl is Rizla Rehan and she is originally from Pakistani city Karachi; but, she has been living in Dubai for some years. The girl also expressed her feelings with the new fame and love she has got from the people.

Here, have a look at the video of the viral girl revealing her interview :

Well, this proves that not everything that you read on the internet is true.

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