Video: This Girl’s Performance On ‘Laila Mein Laila’ Has Gone Viral


Internet is such a place where you would find many kinds of people with various talents. Also, people are very enthusiastic about showing their talents to the world by uploading them in various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

It indeed helps one to get the much needed popularity. People in the virtual world show their talents in cooking, painting, speaking, singing and dancing which can indeed be the cause of inspirations for many.

However, did you see the January 2017 released movie Raees where Shah Rukh Khan simply rocked? If you had see, they we are sure that you had not missed out the item song ‘Laila Mein Laila’ by Sunny Leone.

No one can ever forget such a sizzling dance with the perfect dance steps and Leone simply rocked the floor. No one could find any other match or comparison for this. But now it seems that Leone now has a competitor who can match her level.

A girl has uploaded her video in the YouTube in a channel named Muskan Singh where she performs three dances back to back not taking any break. It had created a stir in the world of social media. People have been commenting, liking and sharing her video and it just went viral.


The viewers are simply stunned with such a wonderful performance. The two songs she has chosen to dance on are Laila Mein Laila from Raees and Radha from Student of the year and there is no doubt that she has rocked the floor. There are hardly anyone left who is not amused by the performance.

At present, the number of views in the video is 31 lakh and it is being estimated that it would rise to a very significant extent in the next few days. The girl in the video is undoubtedly a terrific dancer and it is enough to give the top dancers of the industry a tough competition.

It shows that there are many talented people all across the world. All they need is a proper platform to come up and expose their skills to the world.  At one point of time they would surely get the worth of their talent like this girl who now has numerous followers and fans who would be looking forward with lots of love and expectations for her next beautiful performance.

Video: This Girl’s Performance On ‘Laila Mein Laila’ Has Gone Viral