The dashing Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau is in India with his adorable family for a week-long visit. As a part of his schedule, the Canadian Prime Minister visited Golden Temple, Amritsar and offer his prayers there. Not just prayers but the Prime Minister also offered his services at the Langar.

Image Source: PTI

Justin Trudeau was seeing making Chapatis in the kitchen that serves langar to a plethora of people daily. Not just was he seen making chapatis in the community kitchen but he also recorded a message in the visitor’s book. Here is the message he recorded in the visitor’s book.

“What an honor to be so well received at such a beautiful, meaningful place. We are filled with grace and humility,”

But Twitter Seemed Unimpressed By The Canadian Prime Minister’s Gestures

Image Source: PTI

People, Sikhs, in particular, have always held the grudge of Komagatu Maru incident for which they hold Canada’s political establishments accountable. In 1914 Canadian government refused 376 passengers from Punjab to get off the Japanese ship named Komagatu Maru. Most of these passengers were Sikhs and Justin Trudeau apologized for the episode in the Canadian Parliament around 2 years ago.

So, Twitter reacted to Canadian PM’s gestures at the Golden Temple and also trolled his handwriting.

Here is how Twitter reacted to Justin Trudeau’s visit to India or Amritsar in particular.