President of America, Donald Trump is always making headlines for some reasons or the others but most of the times for all the wrong reasons.

Recently, Donald Trump made a grand but very embarrassing entry as he boarded Air Force One but with a toilet paper stuck onto his left shoe. He seems to be in a rush to board into his jet but as he hurried on board, he neglected to notice a toilet paper stuck onto his shoe.

The hilarious moment has been caught on the video, which instantly got viral on twitter racking up 1.80million views. In the video Donald Trump can be seen boarding the jet with toilet paper and the paper remains stuck with him until they part ways at the doorway. The toilet paper remained stuck onto the doorway after he made a hilarious entry.

Here, have a look at the viral video :

Twitter is filled with hilarious reactions on the video. People on twitter are hilariously trolling Donald Trump on this viral video. Here, have a look at some of the reactions :

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