Ever since Jio took birth, it has taken over the telecom market. The Jio network has changed the complete face of telecom market. The company has overpowered all the other brands in the race, in way too many aspects, be it price, speed, data, network and many others.


Jio made the top providers like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea run for money. They lost their customers to Jio. Almost everyone is using jio nowadays. Jio emerged out to be the ‘customer-friendly’ brand.

Many customers are not happy with the services Airtel is providing nowadays, neither they are happy with the network services nor with the customer care services Airtel is providing nowadays.

Recently, one of the twitter user named Shubham Sahoo took to twitter to express his disappointment. He also mentioned that he will soon port his number from Airtel to Jio as he lives in a village where the network services are very poor.

Here, have a look at his tweet:

The tweet read:
@Airtel_Presence Really very bad service in my village pin:-766106.I’m going to Port from Airtel to jio. Num:-7894587277 [email protected]

Soon, both Jio and Airtel started convincing the twitter user to chose their network.

Jio was very quick to reply to the twitter user. The official handle thanked the user for choosing their network to switch. Here’s what they tweeted:

The tweet read:
” Thank you for showing interest in Jio. We would be glad to have you onboard. Please DM the applicant’s full name, email ID and state name along the area Pin code to assist you with the Port in procedure- Vinay”.

The official handle of Airtel was quick to reply to his tweet convincing him to change his mind. Here, have a look at what the Airtel’s official handle tweeted:

The tweet read:
Hey, allow me to change your mind, we want you to stay with us. Let me discuss with you over a call. – Sunil.

However, the twitter user was in no moos of getting convinced. He replied to the official site in a very sarcastic way. Here, have a look at what he tweeted:

The tweet read:
“No I can’t allow to change my mind, because it’s my mind not a dress. But I give a chance to change your service to a better way.”

Finally the twiiter user made his decision and mailed all his details to the Jio networks. Here, have a look at the confirmation tweet from Jio :

The tweet read:
“Thank you for sharing the details. We have forwarded the details to the relevant team and they will contact you at the earliest”

Well, we really wish that the other service providers work as hard as Jio’s service providers are doing.

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