The untimely death of the Bollywood’s most loved actress, Sridevi has sent the complete country in the state of shock and has left everyone with a teary eye. The Bollywood industry has left it’s most precious gem.


The actress suffered from a cardiac arrest which resulted in her sudden death but now her death is surrounded by many controversies.

Earlier it was said that the actress suffered from a cardiac arrest in the washroom of her hotel in Dubai, where the actress went with her husband Boney Kapoor and daughter Khushi Kapoor to attend the wedding of the nephew Mohit Marwah.

But, now there are new updates from Gulf News, according to which it was revealed that the actress was under the influence of alcohol because of which she lost her balance and died because of accidental drowning.

The Gulf News have also shared the death certificate of the actress but people on social media are trolling UAE ministry because there are major spelling mistakes in the above shown Forensic reports. But considering the fact, forensic report is an official and important document, which makes it impossible that it can bear spelling mistakes.

There is not one but three mistakes in the forensic report. These are the three mistakes in the above report :

  1. The spelling of the actress’s name is written as “Sreedevi” instead of “Sridevi”.
  2. The spelling of “drowning” is written as “drawning”.
  3. The nationality should be written as “Indian” instead of “India”.

Twitteratis not just noticed the mistakes but are also trolling the UAE ministry very badly. Here are some of the tweets:

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