Rishi Kapoor is known for carrying his heart on his sleeves. He delivers his thoughts without filtering them. This nature of him has always put him in difficult situations leading to many controversies.

There have been many incidents in the past and on Twitter as well, where Rishi Kapoor has managed to create controversies with his bold, unfiltered thoughts.

Recently, Rishi Kapoor shared his views on the recent Nirav Modi scandal. Nirav Modi has fled from the country after looting Punjab National Bank with Rs. 11,400 crores.

Rishi Kapoor has raised  questions regarding the major banking fraud that have been carried out by the billionaire diamond trader Nirav Modi. He tweeted:

The Tweet Read:
“What I cannot understand is that a bank loans Rs 11,300 crore ( $1.8 billion) since 2011 to someone, and no inquiries took place during that period? Only proves ‘All that sparkle are not diamonds’. Lot of skeletons in the cupboard and lots of hands in lots of gloves!”

Not only Rishi Kapoor but complete nation is in shock after this incident. Many celebrities too took to twitter to share their opinions. Actress Richa Chadha tweeted:

The tweet read:
“Bro! We pay 30.9 per cent income tax, 18 per cent GST and VAT on everything we buy. But Nirav Modi gets way with Rs 11,000 crore. My CA won’t be happy, but why the hell should I pay tax? So someone steals and gets away with it again?”

Photographer and producer Atul Kasbekar along with, ace cinematographer Santosh Sivan shared an SMS that is making roundson the internet, they tweeted:

The Tweet Read:
“Finding NiMo — movie by Punjab National Bank,”

Filmmaker Sangeeth Sivan also shared another SMS via his Twitter handle, he tweeted:

The tweet read:
There is a new entry in the dictionary to describe the way scamsters operate… It’s called ‘Modis operandi”

Filmakers Vivek Agnihotri and the Director of Ra.One also tweeted their thoughts on this scandal:

The Tweet read :
“Why are these corrupt businessmen fleeing the country, despite a friendly Narendra Modi as PM? Why didn’t they flee earlier when their Enemy No. 1, honest Sonia Gandhi was ruling the country? Where is Raghuram Rajan these days?”

The tweet read :
“quick, cute, innocent question” — “Was Nirav Modi’s bank account linked to his Aadhaar.”

Devdutt Pattankar, the writer also made his point. He tweeted:

His tweet read:

“Those who don’t care for the law are always loyal to the KING. Those who care for the law always loyal to the KINGDOM. Notice: Political parties of India (and their NRI cheerleaders) are loyal to individuals and families rather than the country.

The No.1 best-selling author of India, Chetan Bhagat also tweeted his thoughts on the issue:

His tweet read:
“Can PNB properly explain what the scam or fraud is here? If you have given LoCs without collateral, that’s just stupid. The person you are giving it to will take it. How is it fraud? Be brave and tell us what stupidities have you done.”

His tweet read:
SMSes big guys get: Sir your account with us has a 11,000cr fraud. You are requested to leave country before anything happens. For best travel deals, contact your RM. SMSes you get: We are closing your 20year old account coz we don’t like your picture on your Aadhar card.”

Furthermore, Priyanka Chopra who was the global brand ambassador is seeking legal options to sue Nirav Modi and terminate her contract after the jeweler has been accused for committing a fraud. Although, Sidhartha Malhotra was also associated as the brand ambassador but luckily his contract expired last year.

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