On Her 44th Birthday, Here Are Some Of The Stories Revealed By Aishwarya Rai’s College Friend


Aishwarya Rai is one of the biggest Bollywood divas. She has done numerous hit films after becoming a heroine. She started her career in the modelling world. After having an illustrious Bollywood career, the former Miss world is now Bahu of the prestigious Bachchan family, and keeps contributing to cinema by doing strong, character-based roles.


Most of the facts about her life is well known and documented. However in a recent Reddif article, some interesting new facts about the superstar has been revealed which the fans would love to know.

She has always appeared perfect in her private and public life. Although there are some interesting things to take note about her life. Throughout our college life while growing up we do some crazy things which make us look like fools in retrospect.

She is no exception also.Here are some crazy things she did with her loved ones.

‘Mere Khayalon ki Mallika’!

Her classmate has some interesting facts to say. In the article her friend Shivani,a student of Jaihind college claimed that Aishwariya initially joined KC college,Mumbai. Struck by her beauty, her admirers would stand before the gates of Jaihind college which was nearby. Aishwariya joined Jaihind college later.

This makes us love her even more!

Another interesting fact revealed by Shivani is that the Bollywood diva once had a humble beginning. Aishwariya used to travel to college by train followed by few miles walk.

All of us do this at some point!

Aishwariya was very friendly and had a big group of friends.She used to enter the class at the last moment and sit at the last bench.

This was her start to modelling!

Strange enough, it was her physics teacher who inspired her to appear in college magazine and take part in modelling.

None of us knew about this!

She loved her physics teacher so much that despite being a backbencher she used to sit in the first bench to impress her teacher.

We expected this!

Her looks impressed everyone but she was also a scholar.She proved everyone that she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

Her dream profession was not modelling!

The world famous model had architecture as her dream profession but life took a different turn.

She even lost a major award!

The Miss world famously lost her Miss India title to none other than Sushmita Sen,who was later crowned miss Universe.

She is the first celebrity to appear at this show!

She is also the first celebrity to enter into Oprah Winfrey show.

She has her wax statue too!

Aishwarya is the second Bollywood celebrity to have her own wax statue in Madame Tussauds wax museum in London.

We wish you a very happy birthday, Aishwarya. Keep shinning and making India proud.