If you ever believed that handsome and hefty pay cheques were only a feature of Bollywood then you’re miserably wrong! India’s TV industry is as sprawling as the B Town and some TV actors give a serious competition to Bollywood stars when it comes to being paid. Here are the highest paid daily soap stars and you’ll only be left amazed to see how much they end up earning from the small screen. There remuneration is as mammoth, as that of moderately paid Bollywood stars.  

Mohit Raina 


He surfaced to some heavy duty fame playing Shiva in Mahadev and then he was also seen playing the grown up Ashoka on Colors. Mohit Raina is no less than a big star when it comes to remuneration. He charges one lakh per episode and shoots almost daily! Damn, I’m going to the TV industry too!

Jennifer Winget 

Forget about the pay for a while. Man! Isn’t she so pretty? Ok let’s come back to sticking to the plan. The pretty lady has been loved by audiences for her versatility and beauty and she earns 1 lakh per episode for her credentials. 

Shivaji Satam 

He earns so much that maybe he need Daya to pick his suitcases of money too! The CBI fame has also featured in various supporting roles in Bollywood movies and when it comes to remunerations he’s no less. He works 15 days in a month and earns 1 lakh each day for his work. Damn! My parents fooled me! They said there’s scope only after engineering.

Ram Kapoor 

He’s one of the most famous TV actors and how he also has some Bollywood appearances to his kitty. His fame is huge and so is his pay.Ram Kapoor too works only for 15 days in a month and gets paid 1.25 lakhs for each day. Perks of big name and big fame! 

Ronit Roy

He’s someone who’s amazingly versatile and he does add a lot of value to what he does. He’s been impress both on the small screen and the silver screen and has won hearts each time. Now since he has a lot of Bollywood features to his name it’s only legit that he’s paid handsomely. He earns 1.25 lakhs each day. 

Sakshi Tanwar 

What can be bigger than playing Amir Khan’s wife on the silver screen in a movie that embarrassed all records? She’s now also the Dangal fame besides just being a TV industry star. Even she gets to earn around one lakh per day as per reports. She can even ask for more after Dangal we suppose!

Ankita Lokhande 

Oh yes! She’s Sushant Singh Rajput’s ex. Ankita rose to fame with Pavitra Rishta that featured on Zee TV for long and she earns around 80 thousand per episode.We’ve also heard that she’d be soon making a Bollywood debut and she’s pretty enough to make that happen soon! 

Manish Paul 

Ask people who their favourite TV anchor is and they wouldn’t spare a thought before saying Maniesh Paul. He’s highly adored and liked as a TV anchor and now he also has a Bollywood movie to his bag.He’s always high on drama and entertainment and this is what makes him so loved. Reportedly he was offered a whooping 1.5 crores to host Jhalak Dikhlaja! Such huge money! Lucky him. 

Shilpa Shetty 

It’s been a while since she’s been seen on the silver screen how does that matter? She’s doing good for herself on the small screen. The veteran Bollywood star was offered a sum of 14 crores to be one of the judges of Jhalak Dikhlaja! 14 fu##ing crores! That’s way beyond what you call huge! 

Mishal Raheja 

Mishal is known for his lead character in Ishq Ka Rang Safed. He after getting a hike in his market value now earns 1.6 lakh per day out powering even Ram Kapoor and Ronit Roy. Isn’t that huge? I’m applying for TV serials too! But how does one do that?