Ravi Shastri Hit Back At The Trollers With A Kickass Reply


The head coach of Indian cricket team, Ravi Shastri has always been at the receiving side when it comes to trolling – be it his personal life or his professional life. He was badly trolled after India’s poor performance in England.


However, ever since Ravi Shastri took over the captaincy he has been the victim of the trollers online. Even many top sportsmen like Saurav Ganguly called him to be answerable for the defeats. But Ravi Shastri has always kept quiet when it comes to trolls. But now Ravi Shastri has hit back at the trolls saying to hell with what people have to say about him as long as he is giving best of the performance. He said :

I sleep absolutely sound as I am used to my era where you would have one or two papers only so you pick it up and read it. So I have time only for that. I don’t have time for anything else. I may be on Twitter or Instagram….I only tweet ..I don’t read anything. Go hell with what people have to say as long as you are confident of what you are doing. You know that you are giving your 100% to the job you are doing. Rest is….I am not worried at all. If you start worrying about that, you start messing up a lot of other things…..so I say ignorance is bliss.”

Ravi Shastri also revealed the reason why Virat Kohli was not the part of just concluded Asian Cup 2018. He revealed :

Virat needed this rest. Physically he is a bull. You can’t give him out of the ground. And the thing with Virat is if he plays, then you know the level of intensity he brings. So it was a case of just mental fatigue, giving him a break, take your mind off cricket and then come back fresh. And we will have to do it with a lot of other players. You know like Bumah (Jasprit Bumrah), Bhuvi (Bhuvneshwar Kumar), we have to sustain them and keep them energetic”

We agree with what Ravi Shastri said about the trollers and love the way he deals with them.

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