The world woke up with a sad news of Sridevi’s demise today. The actress has left too soon and has left a void that is hard to be filled or replaced. Sridevi was the most loved and talented actress of Bollywood.

Sridevi suffered from a cardiac arrest last night and died all of a sudden. The untimely death of the actress has left everyone in a state of shock.


While the world is still mourning at the untimely sudden death of Sridevi, some people are busy in finding the reason behind her cardiac arrest. While some are stating that it might be because of the pressure of her daughter’s bollywood debut, on the other hand some people have claimed that the cardiac arrest is the result of many cosmetic surgeries and anti-aging drugs, the actress was taking.

Everyone is aware about the cosmetics surgeries the actress has gone through, recently the actress went through lip surgery, botox and facelifts to look younger.

However, her surgery was not done right because of which the actress had to face many complications. Here are some of the reactions of the twitteratis on this matter:

Although, the actress had no previous history of heart disease.

Another message is being circulated on the whatsapp, which reads:

“While we are all mourning the untimely demise of Sridevi, it is important to remember why this may have happened to her. society demanded that she stay slimmer/look younger than a 40 year old, 50 year old and plus 50 woman needs to be–hence, the continuous surgeries. when i met her about 5 years ago, she was beautiful but a sad version of that self that we loved so much in a movie like Chandni. What a lot of pressure to keep her weight down, to make sure that her face had no wrinkle lines….continuous clinic visits in Southern California. as a friend of mine, Dipanwita Basu wrote this morning…do we need a #metoo movement in fashion, #notsize0? Milan has already implemented this but these patriarchical implants were in her head — the husband, who claimed to love her so much should have intervened, did he love the way she looked as his arm candy more than he loved her? She herself did not trust in her own beauty — she was a clothes horse for whoever would care to dress her. What i conclude is she had such a lack of love for oneself and such a lack of self esteem that her own lips didn’t suffice, her own face was not good enough, her flesh and blood had to be sucked out of her so that she could wear the best of couture. that is the sadness of a life that could have been lived so much better not just for her but for her daughters. what a terrible legacy for her girls.”

After reading all this discussion on social media platform, it somehow irked Ekta Kapoor. She took to twitter to shut the mouth of all these people, here’s what she tweeted:

The Tweet read:
“Evil ones pls realise one percent (as fwded as my doc told me) of the population can have an cardiac arrest without any heart condition or any kind of surgery ! It’s destiny not how evil rumour mongers portray!!!”

Disgusting isn’t it? How people just for the sake of a few clickbaits starts spreading such rumors even at this sensitive hour. People should learn a lesson or two from this tweet of Ekta Kapoor.

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