Parineeti Chopra’s latest picture on her Instagram is a latest debate on the Internet and is a proof that life of a celebrity is way beyond fancy cars, designer dresses and a luxurious life. Undoubtedly they have a lot to handle apart from their fair share of struggles.

Social media has it’s own share of pros and cons. While on one hand Social media is reducing the gap between fans and celebrities, on the other hand it always keeps on showing it’s ugly side. The internet turns into a nasty place sometimes.

Parineeti Chopra, who is very active on her social media, recently posted a picture on Instagram. Parineeti looked absolute gorgeous in her picture but some people found the picture surprising while the others found the picture inspiring. Confused? Well don’t be. Here, have a look at the picture:

She is rocking the casual look but if you look at the picture carefully, you will notice stretch-marks around her waist. Although, it is very inspiring and very rare that an actress is flaunting her stretch marks but people being people started pouring nasty comments on her picture. Have a look:

Parineeti Chopra’s transformation journey has been an inspiration for many girls and now watching her flaunting her stretch-marks is even more inspiring.

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