Kangana Ranaut, she is fierce, she is bold and she is one of the most talented and versatile actress of today’s generation,having given many blockbuster performances in the past. However, she has always been the victim of controversies and trolling because of her same attitude.


While many Bollywood celebrities took to their twitter and demanded peace there was this one bold lady from Bollywood who without thinking twice expressed her anger and condemned terrorism.

Yesterday, during the India Today Conclave 2019, Kangana Ranaut spoke about Nationalism and Pulwama attack. Expressing her feelings about the attack she said :

It was an instinctive sentiment when we were faced with that shocking incident, it was inhuman. It left a deep scar and wound; obviously I was moved by the brutality of the action. You cannot be such a victim of your own mind that you will let the thought process take over and look for the best response. I don’t feel that every statement of mine has to be politically correct. It’s what I felt. I felt like going to the border and doing the deed. That’s my reaction,”

The official handle of India Today Showbiz quoted her in their tweet and what followed were Kangana Ranaut getting badly trolled by the Pakistanis. They only wrote a single line from all of her statements, which eventually resulted in her getting badly trolled by Pakistanis, the tweet read :

“I wanted to go to the border, snatch a gun and do the deed “

Here, have a look at the tweet of India Today Showbiz :

Here, have a look at how Kangana Ranaut is being trolled for her statement :

Well, war isn’t a joke. But these replies are damn hilarious.

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