Priya Prakash Varrier, the girl who became an overnight sensation made everyone go crazy with her amazing expressions, especially her wink. The girl became a celebrity in a single night, gaining more than 1 million followers in a day.


When her pictures and videos went viral, everyone seemed to be down with ‘Priya Prakash Varrier’s fever’. Everyone on the internet started uploading their videos trying to copy her expressions. The Priya fever was not only on common people across the internet but on the celebrities as well, and looks like the fever is still on.

Recently, the girl with the most melodious voice, Neha Kakkar uploaded a video of herself enacting the expressions of Priya Prakash Varrier. The singer looks adorable in the video.

Neha Kakkar, the singer who has literally taken over the Bollywood music industry by storm. She is the voice behind almost every party song, you hear nowadays. She creates magic with her voice, from party numbers to Sufi hits, she nails every song she sings for.

Neha Kakkar is not just famous for her voice but also famous for her cute and adorable looks she has. Guys are crazy for her dimpled smile.

The way she nails every song she sings, she has nailed it with her expressions in the video as well. The singer, Neha Kakkar turned into a fan girl in this video. Have a look:

The caption on her video read:

“Some #PriyaVarrier Effect on Me.. P.S. “Gun Ulti Ho Gayi” #NehaKakkar #OruAdaarLove.”

Doesn’t she look so adorable in the video? How do you think was better Priya Prakash Varrier or Neha Kakkar? Be honest!

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