If you’re a kid from 90s then you must know how closely we were attached to playing video games. The first and foremost task after coming back from school was to hop on our bed and turn on the video games on our televisions and computers. Out of all the famous games, the most likable one was Road Rash.

The supercool avatar of bikers speeding off on a broad roadway was so appealing.


Road Redemption

From then to now, a big deal of transformation has taken place in gaming strategies and gaming stations. From desktops, to play stations, technology has impressively made a shift.

However, a few games like road rash and super mario have always been irreplaceable and now here’s a thing about it. Your most favourite, Road Rash is all set to bring in a wave of new fan following as it is making a comeback. The new version of it will have a new name, Road Redemption. It has improved graphics, new circuits and yet maintains a touch of classic to it.

What makes it all the more sensible is that it will serve as a redemption from adulthood. The game is already available for purchase and here’s a glimpse of it.

Long weekends…here I come!!!