When it comes about knowing the sexiest men and women in Asia then we would definitely look for various tabloid or magazine. Every year, a global poll is performed through a London based weekly newspaper EyeRead to find out sexiest men and women in Asia. Millions of people have voted for famous personality in Asia and finally the results has come out and surprisingly it has some new names as well as established celebrity.

This year Zayn Malik, former one direction singer and band member has topped in this list. He has parted away from band and decided to make his own solo career. He was considered as the most stylish star


Other than that do you want to know who else has made it be in this list, and especially which Bollywood celebrity has managed to be in the list of the sexiest men of Asia? Let’s check it out

Zayn is new heartthrob across the globe 

Pic shows why Zayn has a great fan following


The macho man Hrithik is on his way to make you crazy

Hrithik A true sensation in glamour world 

Fawad has really a dynamic personality 

The reason why Fawad is favourite among girls 

Ashish Has Spiritual Avatar Of Lord Rama


Adorable smile on face make your day! Right Ashish? 

The trend setter of Bollywood Mr Salman Khan 

Magnificent Salman Khan Guarantee of Blockbuster movies 

Barun Sobti has definitely a charming persona

Wow! Barun this pic is really elegant 

Express your attitude, that’s what Shahid is doing 

Shahid has a physique that allures you 

Look at Vivian, he is just amazing 

Vivian has definitely an enticing personality 

Ali Zafar A musician with expressive performer 

Music is in the vein of Ali Zafar

The presence of Ranveer Singh reveals his attitude 

And the fun loving Ranveer is here