The stampede incident at Mumbai’s Elphinstone railway station which claimed 23 lives and injured many more, looked all more gruesome after an alleged video of molestation went viral on social media.

The 8 sec long video, allegedly showed a man trying to ‘molest’ a woman trapped while lying on the foot-over bridge. It was reported by ‘The Hindu’ and was later covered by all the leading media houses.


Here’s the video:

The molestation video resulted in a huge uproar on social media with people seeking punishment for the culprit. “The molestation video is shameful and without even watching it, one feels like punishing the coward responsible,” said one of the Elphinstone Road resident.

The molestation incident was covered by almost every leading daily, which infuriated the people even further.

But now a longer video of the incident has emerged on Twitter which contradicts the earlier case of molestation. In the latest 43 seconds video, the man is not seen molesting the woman, in fact he most probably tried to help her.

Here’s the latest video:

The latest video clearly shows that the man was trying to help the victim and was no way close to molesting her. The earlier video just showed a part of the incident and resulted in social defamation of the man.

People are now demanding an apology from media houses who published the news before deeply scrutinizing the video. After all it was highly unlikely that a man in full public view would try to molest a woman and that too, who was staring in the face of death.

Here’s how people responded:

This incident again highlights the fact that media houses need to be extra cautious before breaking any story. The man faced unnecessary defamation, even though he only tried to help the victim.

The man was not a ‘molester’ and every media house who labeled him one, should apologize to him.