Kushal Tandon Tweets Over Anita Hassanandini. Ekta Kapoor Slams Him Down


Twitter is a popular stop for all the people today. Everyone is really interested in knowing what is happening around the world with their favorite stars and idols. It has become a common habit of people to check the twitter daily. We are eagerly waiting to discover what’s spicy things taking place in the life of stars.


Twitter also provides a mean to demonstrate likes and dislikes towards one’s star. People do crazy stuff and make memes regarding the stars. However, this is not the case always. Many times, stars also do some hilarious and controversial talks. Mostly, these stars create a hipe with an argument with their mates.

Something of the above case happened recently between Ekta Kapoor, Kushal Tandon, and Anita Hassanandini. This has become a source of entertainment and fun for their fans and followers.

The argue started with Anita’s tweet describing how she watched Jagga Jasoos and Hab Harry Met Sejal back to back while being on a flight. She trolls that she deserves a pat for this act of bravery. It’s clear that she was being sarcastic.

After the tweet got views, another TV actor Kushal Tandon tweeted back taking a dig at her. He described in his tweet that he was really pleased with the tedious task she did. He also trolled Nagin on his reply full of sarcasm.

After this act, another player entered the arena. This time it’s not someone with a low mouth, its Ekta Kapoor. Without choosing the sarcastic way, Ekta directly smashes Kushal and pinpoints his acting skills. She said she should get a huge pat for the shot Kushal gave in some audition. Though, she makes the thing light by saying that she was kidding.

Kushal replied to Ekta in the most humble way possible.

In a consecutive tweet, he said that having courage is sexy.

On the other hand, Ekta was just starting her show.

She also says that he was looking handsome in the act. Sarcasm?

Kushal took the good moment and pleased Ekta with a tweet of encouragement and sportsmanship.


Was it really fun watching them?