Alia Bhatt’s Dress Is The Most ‘Affordable’ Celebrity Dress Of The Year


Alia Bhatt’s Dress Is The Most ‘Affordable’ Celebrity Dress Of The Year

Designer Outfits

Expensive designer dress has always been the first choice of Bollywood stars.


The high society parties, award functions, etc. always holds a spectacle of celebs wearing designer dress.

Party Organized by Ambani.

A recent party hosted by Ambani recorded the presence of many Bollywood celebs.

Among the Bollywood celebs, Alia was also a present at the party.

She was wearing a beautiful slit cut long multi colored, shimmery skirt that was being complemented by a tank top and a yellow clutch, on which “Happy” was written.

Expense of Alia’s Dress.

Getting a view of Alia’s dress raises some obvious questions in our mind. Two of the most common questions are, what is the name of designer who designed her outfit and the other, what is the price of the outfit.

As Alia was wearing the dress, we rarely fail to assume that it costs a large amount. But, by surprise, the skirt retails for about 4,000 rupees and the tank top costs only 1,600 rupees.

It’s very clear that anyone can have a party look, including you, in just 6,000 rupees. That’s definitely a good news, right?

Precise, but Graceful.

Alia Bhatt’s films are mostly flawless so as her fashion sense.

She always picks very simple outfits, yet they look graceful on her.

She is having a flawless time in the red carpet as well as other places while carrying her cute look.

Being Called the ‘Saas Queen’.

The party that was hosted by Ambani’s for the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan was graced by the presence of Bollywood stars.

Alia’s quirky outfit made her out of the crowd and gave her the last smile. Even in the presence of other beautiful stars like Katrina Kaif, Neha Dupia, Karishma Kapoor and many other, she stole the show with her plain black top going with the vibrant and colourful sequinted slit long skirt is from Zara. Her last pick was the bright yellow Edie Parker clutch which had ‘Happy’ written on it.