Superstar Rajnikanth Stays Away From His House On His Birthday And The Reason Will Make You Respect Him Even More


Superstar Rajnikanth Stays Away From His House On His Birthday And The Reason Will Make You Respect Him Even More: December 12th, superstar Rajnikanth’s birthday, is celebrated by billions of fans around the country as a festival. Fans gather around his house to wish him on his birthday with flowers, cakes and gifts. However, the star usually distances himself from all the frenzy.

Rajnikanth is a quiet man in private life. He is known for his simple lifestyle which is an example for other superstars of the country. For three decades, he avoided staying in his house on this special day.


He went out of station and in some years, out of the country to avoid the fan frenzy. The interesting fact is that, it is well known that the biggest superstar of the country hasn’t indulged in any birthday celebrations himself for nearly three years due to various reasons.

In 2015 his hometown Chennai was affected due to major floods and the Thalivar asked his fans to refrain from celebrating his birthday to show respect for the affected. Famous politician and former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa passed away in 2016.

Hence he avoided any celebrations to show his respect for her. This year too he has refused any kind of birthday celebrations as Tamil Nadu and the neighboring states have been affected by Cyclone Ochki. These states are still recovering from the damage caused by the natural disaster.

However, his refusal to celebrate his birthday is not only down to his humility. There is another reason for it which not many have a clue about.

He shared this secret once on his 62nd birthday which fell on 12-12-12 when he met his hard-core fans in Chennai. 12-12-12 is a unique day which occurs once in 100 years.

He said that he loved getting wished on his birthday in the early years. But 22 years ago, on the day of his birthday three of his fans on returning home after meeting him passed away due to a terrible car accident. When he reached out to console the families, their parents asked him a question which he wasn’t able to answer.

He didn’t reveal much about the question. But after that day he decided to skip town on his birthday and use this opportunity to introspect about what he has done so forth and what he wishes to do it the future.

The same thing happened this year too. He was not present in his Poes Garden residence and his fans got into a heated argument with the cops present there as they wanted to meet him in person.

Rajinikanth is working with director Pa Ranjith for his upcoming film Kaala. In 2018 mega-budget sci-fi film 2.0, directed by Shankar will also be released on April 27.