Sridevi was undoubtedly the most loved and talented actress of people. The world went numb when the news of actress sudden death broke out.


Sridevi was arguably the first female superstar of Bollywood. If Bollywood is hundreds years old, Sridevi was in fifty of them.

Sridevi started her career from a very young age of only 4-years and made it big on her own. In her career span of five decades, Sridevi did 300 movies and gave us brilliant and memorable performances throughout her career. Her contribution to Hindi cinema is un-matchable.

Choreographer Farah Khan, who has worked with Sridevi many times in past is currently choreographing Janhvi Kapoor, daughter of Sridevi on the popular song ‘Zingat’, from the marathi movie, ‘Sairat’ , for the Bollywood version of the movie ‘Dhadak’.

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Farah Khan said a very important thing in a recent interview. After the death of Sridevi, people have suddenly started comparing Janhvi Kapoor to her mom Sridevi Kapoor and are expecting a lot from the newbie. Farah Khan said:

“Janhvi is absolutely lovely and she is a very good dancer. She picks up really fast and to compare her to her mother is the most unfair thing I think because Sri by her age was already a veteran and this is Janhvi’s first film. I love Sri. When I started my career, she really pushed me and I used to do all her shows. But everybody is a different individual”

Farah Khan believes that every actor has a different approach towards things. Their talent should be respected.

The song Zinghat is one of the most loved song from Marathi cinema. When Farah Khan was asked to recreate the song, she was given two briefs for a single song. While the director wanted it to be similar to the original song, Karan Johar wanted it to be a blockbuster song.

We just can’t wait to watch the remake of the popular song starring, Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter.

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