Here’s How A 10-Year Old Indian Origin Boy Defeated Einstein & Hawking In Mensa IQ Test


Mehul Garg is a 10-year-old Indian-origin boy in the United Kingdom who has become the youngest applicant in 10 years to achieve the highest score in the Mensa IQ test, breaking the records of genius,Albert Einstein.


Mehul Garg aka Mahi, decided to follow the foot-steps of his brother Dhruv Gar (13 years) who also participated in the test and scored 162 last year. In a recent interview, his mother said:

“Mahi is fiercely competitive. His older brother had achieved the same score last year so he really wanted to prove that he is no less intelligent than his brother,”

The score result of Mahi’s brother Dhruv Garg:

The score result of Mahi :

Mahi’s or Mehul GArg’s score is two point higher than the Albert Einstein and Stephan Hawkings. Along with that, his results placed him in the top 1% of people in the world who achieve this destination.

Mehul’s mother said:

“Mehul said the paper challenged his language skills, including analogies and definitions, and his sense of logic,”

Like every other kid, Mehul was also anxious about the exam and the results. His family especially her brother cheered him. Expressing his feelings, Mehul said:

“I was in tears when I got the results back,”

While Mehul’s favorite subject is mathematics, his passion is cricket and ice-skating. His aim is to be the head of a major tech company like Google and Facebook.

Mahi enjoys solving Rubik’s cube and that too, under 100 minutes and is also getting high grades in playing drums.

Apart from all this, Mehul and his brother also find time to pursue other projects too. Currently Mahi and Dhruv are raising funds to build an app which will reduce social isolation and will connect neighbors with each other.

Up till now they both have managed to collect over 1,300 pounds on their online fundraising page. They have written:

“We are passionate young men with an ambition to make a difference in the world around us,”

Talking about their project, their mother said:

“They both are currently working on social projects and want to give something back, to make the world a better place. And I hope they continue on this path always. For me this is more important than their marks,” .

Currently, Mehul is preparing for upcoming show on channel 4 named, “Child Genius 2018”, he has been selected from over 100 candidates.

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