Hater Tried To Troll Arjun Kapoor By Calling Him A Piece Of Nepotism, He Gave A Brilliant Reply


Arjun Kapoor who made his Bollywood debut with the movie Ishaqzaade in the year 2012, has proved his capability and talent in a short span of time. He is among those rare star kids who have proved that they deserve to be in Bollywood because of their talent and not because they belong from Bollywood background.

However, being a celebrity isn’t an easy thing in India, your life is always on display. Trollers finds ways to troll you for each and every thing. But Arjun Kapoor has always gave it back to the trollers like a boss. He never takes anything wrong about his family, friends and himself and always shut the trollers with apt responses.

Recently, a troller took to twitter and tried to troll Arjun Kapoor by calling him a product of nepotism and slamming all the stars kids. However, Arjun Kapoor was in no mood to take anything like that, he gave a brilliant reply which made the troller delete his tweet.

Here’s have a look at the tweet of the troller :
“That’s the tragedy of our country. He didn’t want to but nepotism made him an actor.. And there are many more talented people who want to be an actor but never ever get a chance. Sometimes I feel we are giving HAFTA to iski beti, uska beta, iski sister, uski niece because we don’t have choice.”

Arjun Kapoor was quick to notice the tweet and gave a brilliant reply in a very decent manner. In his tweet he simply asked the troller to not watch the movies of the stars he doesn’t like.  Here, have a look at Arjun Kapoor’s tweet :

The tweet read:
“Hey Prateek u always have a choice. U can choose to not watch a film. Also we as actors don’t hold anyone at gunpoint forcing u to watch our work. We work hard put our film out there for all of u some work some don’t we accept the audience judgement & strive to entertain always. “

Well, like they say kill them with kindness, we don’t think there could have been a more apt and decent reply than this to teach him a good lesson.

Talking about his movies, his upcoming movie Namastey England is all set to release on 19th October 2018. The movie also stars Parineeti Chopra as the lead actress. The trailer and songs of the movie are already hit among the fans.

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