Facebook’s New Policy Is Exactly What Modi Ji Wanted. But Twitterati Are Unhappy


Aadhaar card has become very important in the lives of Indians in the last few months. The Indian government wanted us to link it to the bank accounts for more transparency. But the saga didn’t end there.

We even had to link it to our cell phone numbers. However, this time things have gone little overboard as even Facebook is asking to register new users as per their Aadhaar card.


Linking Aadhaar to everything became a topic of online trolls and jokes in the last few months. This trend will continue even more now. The eight-digit number of the card seems something you can’t live without. Aadhaar which means a foundation for something, has become a foundation to prove our existence.

Facebook has gone with this trend and added a new prompt to their registration process. This reads that if you use real names, it becomes easier for your friends to recognize you on the platform.

The official statement from Facebook about this was that they are testing this optional prompt to help users connect with their friends in real life. According to them, if we use names used on Aadhaar card, it is easier for friends to recognize us.

They will even add additional language to this prompt to make it easier for users when they register on the site. Facebook is not asking for the eight-digit number of the card. They are only asking their users to register the names as per the name used in the Aadhaar card. This is not mandatory as off now. Users who are not interested can easily skip the prompt and continue as usual.

Facebook has over 200 million Indian users and this prompt created panic among most as most feared that this will invade their privacy on the social media platform.

Although some users were okay with it by saying that Facebook wants real names as per long standing policy, some feared that third parties can do electoral profiling and corporate surveillance. Some even said that they are not bothered about it unless they are forced to enter their Aadhaar number.

However, the interesting thing to note here is that not everyone got this prompt while attempting to create a new user profile. In some cases, real names were asked without any mention of Aadhaar.

It seems that Facebook is only asking for real names of users but not the card details. We have to wait and see further developments regarding this.