Salman Khan is, arguably, the biggest Bollywood star in India, at the moment. In the last 5 years or so, he has worked very hard on his cinema and given back to back hits at the box-office.


While Salman Khan’s movies are easy to understand and full of entertainment, his posts on Twitter are, mostly, very hard to decode. Salman, just like his acting, has his own ‘Bhaijaan’ way of doing things on Twitter and he creates a big suspense around his tweets, more often than not.

Earlier today, Salman Khan created a huge social media storm by tweeting “Mujhe Ladki Mil Gayi”. Soon after he posted this Tweet, there was a flood of comments and questions. Everyone is excited to know who this girl is and people are going crazy.

Every media house and tabloid posted this story and Salman Khan was trending on social media for many hours. Many of his fans and followers replied his tweet and one of the replies came from the famous condoms manufacturing brand ‘Durex’.

Durex has always been a very good brand when it comes to social media marketing. In the last couple of years, Durex has used many interesting, entertaining and innovative techniques to market their product on the internet, in India and across the world. They have also hired stars like Ranveer Singh to endorse their brand in India.

But, this time Durex got trolled after sending a ‘cheeky’ reply to ‘Bhaijaan’ Salman Khan.  They became the target of troll army and many tweets were sent in reply to their tweet to Salman.

Check out some of the best replies here: