After Anushka, Ranveer Singh Slammed A Man On Road For Rash Driving


It has been months when Anushka Sharma slammed a  Ranveer was angry because the man was driving the car so in public for throwing garbage on the streets. The video went viral in no time and it created a stir on social media. People went berserk and social media was soon divided into parts, one was supporting the actress for her bold step, the other half was trolling and shaming the actress for violating the privacy of the man.

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However, now another actor has slammed a person in public and again the video has gone viral on social media. Well, the actor is none other than Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer Singh is one of the most is known to be one of the most friendly and coolest actors in Bollywood. The only time you will see him in his aggressive mode is on the screen by giving powerpacked performances.


Recently, a twitter user uploaded a video of him  on Twitter where Ranveer being angry at him for rash driving. The man posted the video as a reply to Ranveer Singh.

Yes, the man took to his twitter and uploaded the video of the same. In his tweet he slammed the actor and wrote :

Badtameez insaaan
Baat karne ki tameez nahi tum jaise insaan ko ye bhi nahi pata ki kisi ki maa bahan ke saamne itni gaali kon deta hai pagal insaan agar yahi attitude raha to jaldi hi sadak par aa jayega pahle loge se baat karne ki tameez seekh phir hero bannaa flop actor-????”

Which roughly translates to :
(“You mannerless man, you don’t don’t know that one should not use so many abuses in front of someone’s family. If you continue with this attitude then you will surely come on road one day. Learn to behave yourself first and then try to be a hero. Flop actor.”)

Here, have a look at the video he posted :

If reports of Pinkvilla are to be believed than Ranveer was angry because the man was driving the car so badly. The man cut the actor’s car so dangerously that it irked Ranveer. Also, when Ranveer reached out to the man he was on his call.

Well, we really wonder what Ranveer Singh has to say about this.

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