India, the country with the greatest democracy in the world, a country which is a home to many religions, traditions and believes. However, often times these religions and believes attached to them becomes our boundations and create problems for us.

Even after being the biggest democracy in the world, we are not free to speak or choose things for our own selves. We are put in the circle and boundaries of religions where we are judged for everything that we do.

Recently with the dominant political force, people saw the uprising of a so called revolt against eating beef. Eating or not eating BEEF has become a big debate in our country.

However, the debate is not about to save the life of an animal but just because cow is considered sacred and holy in our country, we should worship cow and not eat them. And the people of Hindu religion who eat beef are judged and slammed badly for it.

There have been many incidents in the past, now we bring you the latest one, which is of a DU student Arunima. Recently, she was accused by a person that her preference for beef is similar to having incest. Arunima was shocked to know that these kind of people really do exists. The guy called himself a “well wisher” and went on to give her a lecture.

Arunima gave her some perfect replies and posted the screenshots of the conversation of social media, which has now gone viral.

Here, have a look at the conversation :














Well, we completely agree with the girl here. We should not force our beliefs or decisions on others.

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