In what comes as a shocking and heartbreaking news, a Bengali TV actress was found dead in her apartment. The 23 year old TV actress from Bengal, Moumita Shah was found hanging with the ceiling fan in her flat and at first it looks like a suicide.

The actress stayed alone in her flat and from her flat even a suicide not was found. Now if that’s a genuine suicide note or there’s something suspicious is something that would be subject to police investigation.

Was She Suffering From Depression?

The police suspects that the 23 year old Bengali actress was suffering from depression. The police is investigating the matter and has said that the last social media hinted at the actress suffering from depression. The actress lived in the southern part of the city and had been living alone.

Talking about the probe, the police said
“We have gone through her social networking site where her last post appeared to be written out of depression. We are going through her mobile call list,”

The news of the young aspiring actor dying or committing suicide has sent shock waves across the
TV industry.