Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik broke the stereotype and got married eight years ago. The former captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, Shoiab Malik is very popular in India as well  because of his down-to-earth nature and his game. And our ace tennis player is also loved in a similar way in Pakistan.

As per Sania Mirza, she gets much respect in Pakistan as people call her “Bhabhi” (sister-in-law). Many times we have seen Pakistani cricketers calling Sania Mirza as Bhabhi on social media, however, this is for the first time that crowd shouted “Jiju” for Shoaib.

Recently,  a video went viral on social media where Indian fans are seen calling Shoaib Malik as “Jiju” from the stands. Shoaib Malik not just hear the fans but also responded with a wave. Shoaib was stationed near the boundary line, Indian fans took the opportunity to reach out to him and yelled “Jiju ek baar idhar dekho (Jiju look here once)”.

Here. have a look at the viral video :

The video went viral in no time and people were loving the reaction of Shoaib Malik to Indian fans. However, not just the Indian fans but also his wife Sania Mirza loved the way he reacted and how Indian fans were fondly calling him “Jiju”.

She took to her Instagram account and uploaded the video on her story alongwith her reaction. She shared the video on her Instagram story with laughing emoticons and wrote, “#TheThingsThatHappenOnTheBoundaryLine”

Here, have a look at the reaction of Sania Mirza to the Indian fans calling Shoaib Malik “Jiju” :

Talking about the couple, Sania and Shoaib got married eight years ago and are expecting their first baby soon.

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